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For generations we have experience in leather processing. 

We supply among:

  • Sail makers, to coat or reinforce tube caps and steering wheels.
  • Furniture manufacturers, furniture fitters, project designers and hobbyists.
  • Horsemanship, for briddles, saddles, etcetra.

We have sample books with all types and colors of leather we have available. Pay us a visit if u would like some advice!

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Van Buren Bolsward B.V. has been around for six generations since 1861 and originally we were a skinning company and traded in skins and wool. Currently we are the only remaining sheepskin tannery in the Netherlands and we are a wholesaler in coats, skins, natural decorations and natural health products. Interested in our prices? Fill in the form below and we will send you our price list as soon as possible.
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