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Traditionally, our specialty! All our furs are selected by hand and available in natural tones. Only the finest sheepskins come through our quality control.

The vast majority of our tanned furs are from the breed, Dutch Texel. But we have a wide selection of other breeds as well.

Want to know more about how the tanning process is done? Then read our process page on how "roughly" a skin is made into a wonderful finished product.

Sheep furs are a natural product, therefore they don’t have a default size. We have categorized them into the following categories:

  • Category 3: 70 to 90 cm
  • Category 2: 90 to 100 cm
  • Category 1: 100 to 110 cm
  • Category Super: 110 cm and above

If you wish for a different size, we can make custom garments by sewing multiple skins together.

Medicinally tanning belongs also to the possibilities. These furs are denser and better washable. This makes them perfect for babies or other long term use, to prevent sores.

Our sheepskins come from the meat industry, no animal is slaughtered for its skin!
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