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Cowhides are beautiful ornamental objects, which can be used for various applications. No cows are slaughtered for their skin! It's a waste product that we like to use to make something beautiful out of again. It is an extremely sustainable process.

Characteristic of our cowhides are the quality of tanning and gloss of the coats. The hides vary in size, but on average they cover about 4 square meters. We also have calf skins, varying in two sizes.

The cowhides are available in the colors: black/white, black, triple colored, cognac, champagne, gray, white and with a zebra print.

We have a wide variety of cowhides, always more than 1,000 skins in stock, with the best possible quality for a fair price.


Our cowhides come from the meat industry, no animal is slaughtered for its skin!
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