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A great product for people who sit all day long in wheelchairs or who have to lay in bed almost the entire day. The pleasant feeling of warmth prevents down and reduces the symptoms of bedsores.

For babies we have a small health fur. Research shows, babies that sleep on fur are less likely to have asthma. Besides that, who wouldn’t want to lay warm and soft?

Our health coats are washable, which is a great advantage. The special treatment ensures many years of pleasure from this natural product.

We sell the following health fleeces:

Health fleeces

  • Size 3: 70 to 90 cm baby care
  • Size 2: 90 to 100 cm
  • Size 1: 100 to 110 cm
  • Super size 110 cm and larger

Under blanket (bed size)

  • Size 2: 1.90 x 90 cm
  • Size 1: 1.60 x 90 cm
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